Misinformation and stalkers


There is currently some misinformation being spread by a stalker on the internet about John Tolkien and his family.

Even though a series of unpleasant claims about Fr John Tolkien were completely debunked in 2003 when he was exonerated, due to recent media events in Britain, some of these claims have unfortunately resurfaced.

If any readers want to test the veracity of such claims, contact West Midlands Police and Solihull LPU on 03451 135000 who will confirm that Fr John Tolkien was not convicted of any offence, and that only one person made a complaint – which was subsequently found to be false. They will also confirm that this individual has also made false claims about a variety of other people, all of which have been found to be untrue.

Regarding claims about Fr John Tolkien being investigated by the police, to confirm the internet claims were false, contact West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service here: http://www.cps.gov.uk/westmidlands/contact/ who will confirm that although two reports were made about Fr John Tolkien, they both originated from the same man and the claims were found to be false. The CPS will also confirm that the allegations were dropped due to lack of evidence, ie Fr John Tolkien was cleared, and that the case never reached a court of law.

Finally, if you want to complain about the false claims on the internet, phone 101 and made a complaint to your local police force. The more complaints – the better the chance of removing these false allegations from the internet. On Twitter, report every false claim as spam and the multiple accounts run by the stalker will continue to be suspended promptly by Twitter. To report a Tweet as spam follow these instructions: https://support.twitter.com/entries/64986


About johntolkien

I'm writing about his love for all things Tolkien, particularly the venerated Priest of JRR Tolkien, author of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Father John Tolkien was a much loved parish priest working in the West Midlands. A street has been after him Harshill and thousands of parishioners have benefited from John Tolkien's extraordinary generosity. I am at the forefront in promoting John Tolkien's worthwhile claims to be beatified by the Pope in Rome. 2002 - Arnold Stockwell. Biography written by Arnold Stockwell. (C) 2002-2011 Website produced by Future Creative of Sudbury.

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